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BVSD Bond Program

Thanks to BVSD voters, who approved the unprecedented bond issue on the November 2014 ballot, our district will be able to make significant and lasting improvements that will benefit every student. The $576.5 million bond program will allow us to enhance the learning environment in each of our schools and support the strategic plan goals in learning, talent and partnerships.​

What's happening now

Bond 101 – Phase 1 principals learn the language of the Bond
Earlier this month, Phase 1 principals received a crash course in the fundamentals of school design and construction. With project design work starting in April, principals were briefed on how to get started with design advisory teams​ (DATs), what to expect during construction, safety and security during construction, communications and sustainability in the bond.
Bond boosts energy efficiency
The Bond Program includes funding to help achieve the aggressive energy goals in the district’s Sustainable Energy Plan. By 2019, the district aims to reduce energy use 20% compared to a 2008 baseline average. New buildings or additions will be designed as Zero Net Energy (ZNE), meaning that the total annual energy used is roughly equal to the renewable energy (e.g., solar) created on the site. Renovation in existing buildings that are not ZNE-capable will use deep energy retrofits to reduce  energy use by approximately 50%.
Before design begins, energy audits will be conducted to help design teams understand how our buildings currently use energy. Energy audits reveal operational and equipment improvements that will save energy, reduce costs, and improve performance. The energy audits will occur March through May.

Staff prepare for bond sale
The initial sale of general obligation bonds in the amount of $250 million is planned for April 14. BVSD staff has met with rating agencies and has been working with bond counsel and the district's financial advisors to prepare for the sale. Proceeds from the sale will fund Phase 1 projects. 

​​Phase 1 design work to begin in April
Since November 2014, Bond staff have been laying the ground work for successful implementation of the Educational Facilities Master Plan. A highly qualified group of architects have been pre-qualified to work on the Bond Program and are preparing to begin work with school-based design advisory teams (DAT) in April

Some construction work will begin this summer, including asbestos abatement and installation of synthetic fields and tracks at middle schools. 


Bond Program News
A new school campus with an elementary and middle school planned for the BVSD side of Erie will open in fall 2017. The campus will be located in the Flatiron Meadows neighborhood and is included in phase 1 of the bond program. The schools will serve new and growing neighborhoods in Erie currently served by Lafayette Elementary and Angevine Middle schools in Lafayette.

Planning for the $39.7 million project will get underway this spring. Families and community members will have the oppportunity to provide input to the process. Check back here for information about how to participate. 

The Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) assists the district in providing accountability and transparency throughout the execution of the bond program. An advisory committee to the Boulder Valley Board of Education, CBOC’s primary responsibility will be to provide monitoring and independent review of the capital improvement projects described in the Educational Facilities Master Plan.​ 

The application process for the committee closed February 20. The board of education will consider a slate of candidates for the committee at its April 28 meeting. The first meeting of the committee will occur this spring. Learn more​

December 9, 2014 Update to the Board of Education | Phase 1 Project List​
Since the successful passage of 3A, a considerable amount of time has been spent in developing the Phase 1 project list along with the sizing and issuance of the first series of bonds. In addition, numeroudiscussions framing how the projects will be managed and organizing the accountability system have also occurred. Read more

THANK YOU! A message of gratitude from Dr. Messinger
On behalf of the Boulder Valley School District it is my honor and pleasure to thank our communities for the tremendous support that led to and resulted in the passage of 3A, approving the sale of $576 million in bonds to finance the educational facility master plan and make significant improvements in all BVSD schools and grounds. Read more

​​       Phase 1 Projects​

Boulder High
Broomfield Heights 
Erie Campus
Nederland Elementary
Nederland Middle/Sr.
New Vista
Peak to Peak
Southern Hills
University Hill

Other facilities
Lafayette bus terminal
Nederland bus terminal
Education Center (Planning)
Transportation facility
Asbestos Abatement (Phase 1)
IT - Internet and system stability

Health and physical development - synthetic turf & track 
Broomfield Heights
Louisville Middle

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