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Principal's Message

In the heart of downtown Louisville, a community of learners is curiously exploring the world around them.  At Louisville Elementary School, student achievement, along with building student self-esteem and self-confidence in a safe, caring environment, is our primary focus.  We live our motto: “Everyday, we make a difference for each child.” The staff at Louisville treats each student as an individual, and student successes are abundant. At Louisville Elementary School, we believe that every child can and will succeed!

Our Louisville staff works to make a positive difference for every child and it shows. At Louisville, we are excited to see excellent learning results coming from research-based strategies and interventions. These methods focus on improving every student’s achievement in all areas. Our K-5 literacy program provides small-group, direct reading instruction at all grade levels, and we frequently measure student progress throughout the year with reading and writing assessments. In our daily, 60-minute math blocks, our instruction focuses on understanding number sense, problem solving skills, and demonstrating mathematical thinking through speaking as well as writing. Our instructional questioning techniques are constantly challenging students to think at higher levels so they apply their learning in other situations. Every child is challenged to his/her full potential.

Finally, at Louisville Elementary, we believe character education is part of our educational responsibility and we pride ourselves in creating a safe and caring community at our school. Through our “Bully-Proofing Your School” program as well as our school-wide positive character traits program, the entire student, staff, and family community is constantly engaged in talking about respectful ways of being with each other, talking to each other, and learning with each other. We strive to see our students become self-confident, lifelong learners, and we support the growth of the whole child toward emotional and physical well being as well as towards academic success. Come join our community of learners!

Jennifer Rocke, Principal

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