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Calendar Development
How the academic calendars for 2013-14 and 2014-15 were developed:

As part of its process to develop academic calendars for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, the BVSD Calendar Committee conducted two online surveys of the parents, students, staff and other community members. The first survey asked the community to review various guiding principles and rate their importance for adhering to when developing the BVSD academic calendars. Based upon the results and feedback received from the first survey, the Calendar Committee created three different options for the 2013-2014 calendar and conducted a second survey in which the community was asked to review all three options and provide feedback on whether or not each option was acceptable and why (or why not).

Four community meetings were also held during the development process to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to interact in person with calendar committee members and district administration. Additionally, members of the BVSD Calendar Committee reviewed emails received from stakeholders and comments posted on BVSD Listens, the district's online community engagement tool.

Results of Calendar Options Survey (conducted Nov. 28-Dec. 21, 2012)
Emails received by Superintendent and/or Communications in response to Calendar Options Survey
Other calendar-related comments posted on BVSD Listens in December 2012

The initial three calendar options that were developed for 2013-2014
Calendar Options Survey email sent to all BVSD parents and staff on Nov. 28, 2012
Calendar Options Survey Reminder email sent to all BVSD parents and staff on Dec. 13

Results of the first calendar development survey regarding guiding principles.

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