Shared Saving$:  A new Program in which eligible BVSD schools share in their electricity bill savings

The Shared Savings Program will use BVSD's online Building Dashboard to help engage staff and students with their electricity use. The Dashboard tool will help schools track usage, help modify occupant behavior towards efficiency, and allow schools to earn a reward from their electricity bill savings!
Here are six easy steps for eligible schools to qualify for the program and an award:

1.   A school administrator must register by Nov. 15, 2016 via the online Google form.  
2.   The school must designate an adult Energy Champion.
3.   The school must create an Energy Team.
4.   The Energy Team must evaluate the school's current energy practices.
5.   The Energy Team must commit the school to at least three energy-saving actions.
6.   The Energy Team must educate the school community.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this exciting new program!

The Shared Savings Program was formerly the Energy Challenge. Scroll down for historical information about the Energy Challenge. 

Congratulations to all of our participating schools in the 2015-16 greenBVSD energy challenge. 

We are proud to say that as a group, you reduced energy use in one month by 8%, saving $7,000 and reached more than 14,000 student and staff! Well done. We know you all worked hard, and we were very impressed by what you were able to accomplish at your schools.

The top winners of this year's competition are as follows:

Overall Winner- Angevine Middle School!

Top performing High Schools


Arapahoe Ridge


Top performing Middle Schools




Top performing Elementary Schools




Winner of the Innovation Category Eisenhower Elementary

Congratulations to 2014/15 Energy Challenge overall winner Eisenhower Elementary!
Winners in other categories include Lafayette Elementary, Boulder High School, Boulder Prep and Pioneer Elementary. The Challenge is evaluated on all of the 5 requirements:

1) Form a green team at the school. 

2) Audit your school. 

3) Take follow up action on your audit.

4) Educate your school community. 

5) Compete to reduce energy during the month of February. 

Ten schools and the Ed Center participated in the 2014/15 Energy Challenge! ALL of the participants reduced energy use in February! Participating schools saved more than 70,000 kWh in one month and several thousand dollars. This year, each school's progress toward reducing energy use was tracked on the Energy Challenge Dashboard.

Overall Winner: Eisenhower Elementary

Elementary School Winner: Lafayette Elementary 

Middle School/High School Winners: Boulder High School, Boulder Prep

Innovation Winner: Pioneer Elementary

The BVSD Energy Challenge is an annual vountary event open to all schools. It is designed to encourage students and staff to understand more about their energy consumption, find new ways to reduce energy and ultimately try to reduce what they use at school and at home. The Challenge provides leadership opportunities for students and serves to educate the community about ways to green our schools. It is offered in conjunction wth a national competition among schools supported by the Green Schools Alliance. The top performing schools win cash prizes to be used toward sustainability projects at the school.

Energy Challenge 2013/14​​​​ ​

Overall ​Winner: ​Boulder Prep High
High School Winner: Peak to Peak K-12
Middle School Winners: Eldorado K-8, Summit Middle
Elementary School Winners: Eisenhower Elementary, Lafayette Elementary​

Overall ​​Winner: Eisenhower Elementary
High School Winners: ​Boulder High, Arapahoe Ridge
Middle School Winners: Centennial Middle, Summit Middle
Elementary School Winners: Whittier Elementary, Bear Creek Elementary

1st place: Summit Middle
2nd place: Horizons K-8
3rd place: Fairview High
4th place: New Vista High

Energy Challenge 2010/11​​​​
Overall Winner: Arapahoe Campus 
Runner Up: Monarch High
Third Place: New Vista High
Fourth Place: Broomfield High
Fifth Place: Centaurus High
Sixth Place: Boulder High
Seventh Place: Fairview High