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Boulder High School


1604 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 720.561.2200
Fax: 720.561.5317
Registrar: 720.561.5318
Website: schools.bvsd.org/boulderhigh

Daily Schedule: 8:00-3:30
Enrollment (FTE):  1980
Funded Headcount:  1868
Student/Teacher Ratio: 25.9/1
Principal: Terry Gillach (Interim)

Boulder High School




 About Our School


Points of Pride

  • At BHS, we take great pride in being an Advanced Placement (AP) Focus School, offering 28 different AP Courses.
  • Over 40 percent of the students enrolled at BHS participated in AP classes and over 85 percent scored a “3” or higher, on AP exams qualifying for college credit.
  • Boulder High is within close proximity to the University of Colorado; our students often take courses offered or participate in activities at the University.
  • Boulder High School celebrates its richness in diversity and talents. BHS’s motto is, “A Place for Everyone.”

School Goals

Ensure the academic success of all students without exception or compromise. Build a culture of inspiration and compassion so that each BHS adult and student can thrive and attain their fullest potential.  Engage students in a relevant curriculum with an emphasis on mastering 21st century work place and life-skills of adaptability, initiative, social and cross-cultural skills, productivity and accountability, and leadership.
• Achievement: Increase the number of proficient and advanced students in core contents by 3%.
• Equity: Increase median growth score in reading for our males and special education students to above 50.
• Climate: Increase by 5 points questions about students and teachers helping those being bullied or harassed.

School Profile

Founded in 1875 as part of the University of Colorado, Boulder High is one of Colorado's oldest and finest high schools, maintaining strong traditions in academic, athletics, fine arts, and activities.

Boulder High is enriched by its diverse population and beautiful urban setting. Students access CU's libraries, the World Affairs Conference, and cultural community activities regularly.

Boulder High provides honors courses in all academic areas and has one of the most comprehensive and successful Advanced Placement (AP) programs in the state, offering 28 different AP courses. The District's largest English as a Second Language program is an integral part of Boulder High, serving students from 30 countries speaking 26 languages.

Athletic programs regularly compete for and win championships. Besides numerous league championships in 2010-2011, our boys’ basketball team was the 5A State Runner-up, boy’s tennis was 2nd place in 2010, girls’ cross country was 2nd in 2010 with Kelsey Lakowske winning the individual championship and the boys’ soccer team lost in the state semi-finals. Visual and performing arts have an excellent reputation with several local and state award winners. The pottery, photography and production video studios are state of the art. Our music department is amazing. In the fall of 2011, 15 BHS students were named to the Western Region All-State orchestra. Boulder High offers a wide variety of elective classes, five world languages, 28 AP courses (including Music Theory, Art History and Environmental Science) and a rigorous mathematics program including college-level Calculus III.

Student support programs, such as the Opportunity Zone ("O-Zone"), Freshman Seminar, Tutor Activity Period (TAP), ESL Study Skills, and AVID, all help to give students extra support in academics and/or catch up on course credit.


 School Mission and Vision


Boulder High School will provide an academic and creative environment in which every person is valued as an individual, challenged as a learner, and inspired to contribute to society.

Vision: 1) our students pursue academic, athletic, and creative excellence, 2) our students are successful because they are valued as individuals who are capable of meeting the high expectations that they set for themselves, 3) our teachers excel in their knowledge of the disciplines they teach -- they use technology and keep up with the new trends that apply to their respective fields, 5) our teachers will work toward standardizing their assessments of student work, both within their classrooms and on a school-wide basis, 6) our administrators support academic, athletic, and creative excellence, 7) our teachers and administrators work together to maintain a building that inspires students to develop to their highest potential, and 8) our teachers and administrators will scrutinize facility needs to insure that new developments are economical and have long-term utility.

Education Center / 6500 Arapahoe, Boulder, CO 80303 / 303-447-1010
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