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Dana Anderson, Marketing/Business Teacher
Monarch High School
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Monarch High School's 2008 FBLA chapter
Monarch High School's 2008 FBLA chapter

Monarch High Students Shine at Leadership Conference

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) from Monarch High placed very well at the April conference.

Monarch High School's students had a great showing at the FBLA State Leadership Conference held in Vail Colorado April 19-22.

FBLA National Qualifiers
(these students have the opportunity to compete at National in Atlanta in June)
Eric Horacek - Spreadsheet Applications - 1st place
Ben Mead - Marketing - 2nd place
Carrie Keith - Impromptu Speaking - 2nd place

FBLA Medalist - Finalist
Lindsay Baum - Personal Finance - 4th place
Eric Contini - Management Information Systems - 4th place
Shazad Sahak - Management Information Systems - 4th place
Chris Contini - Business Presentation - 5th place
Connor Pennington - Business Presentation - 5th place
Kenneth Forward - Business Presentation - 5th place
Geoff Abel - Business Financial Plan - 5th place
Amy Abel - Business Financial Plan - 5th place
Kirsten Nelson - Business Financial Plan-  5th place
Katie Pham - Desktop Application Programming - 7th place
Kevin Zoglo - Desktop Application Programming - 6th place
Nick Aberle - Desktop Application Programming - 4th place

FBLA State Qualifiers/Participants
Kirk Raikes - Banking and Financial Systems
Cameron Sadafi - Website Development
Peter Wineman - Website Development
Julia Dziennik - Accounting 2
Varun Natraj - Business Calculations
Jessie Chiu - Desktop Publishing
Titi Pham - Desktop Publishing
Elliot Porter - Intro to Business
Conner Nash - Intro to Business
Jeremiah Allen - Banking and Financial Systems
Kristen Watkins - Parli Pro
Kylie Dickson - Parli Pro
Kaila Terwilliger - Parli Pro
Lindsay Pawlas - Parli Pro

The team officers also took home a "Peak 5 Award" which is the highest level of recognition a chapter can obtain for the "Program of work" completed for the year.

Monarch had two state officers representing their conference and recognition of both officers: Olivia Heel State Vice President District 2 and Geoff Abel, Treasurer District 2 State Office. They were in charge of organizing the District 2 state conference for 800 students and advisers which took place at Johnson and Wales, February 22. 

In addition, Olivia and Geoff had these responsibilities at the state conference:
Olivia Heel and Geoff Abel represented Monarch High School as state officers at this year’s FBLA State Conference in Vail from April 20-22. Olivia, the District 2 Vice President, and Geoff, the State Treasurer, worked with the 11 other state officers to help run the conference. While on stage in front of a group of around 3,000, they were asked to hand awards to competition winners and speak about the conference at the two general sessions. Other responsibilities the two had were to collect money for the March of Dimes and walk around the span of the conference to set a good example and make sure all members were following the rules. Geoff and Olivia put in extra hours to make sure the conference ran smoothly. They practiced stage set up and speaking with the other officers at early hours, and stayed up late to have meetings with their state advisers.

"Because of the help of these state officers, the FBLA State Leadership Conference was a great success this year," said  Dana Anderson, marketing and business teacher at Monarch High School.

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