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Dr. Bruce Messinger, Superintendent of BVSDWelcome Message from Superintendent
Bruce K. Messinger, Ph.D.

Welcome to Boulder Valley School District! I am looking forward to a productive 2015-16 school year with much to be accomplished as we strive to achieve the recently established district goals.

In 2012-13 the Board of Education and district leadership facilitated a community wide consensus process and developed a new vision, mission, values and goals for the Boulder Valley School District. The inclusive goal development process included a diverse cross section of employees and community members. The new vision, mission, values and goals will guide the strategic planning process which will assure increased opportunity and success for all students.

The district strategic planning was initiated in the fall of 2013. In the spring of 2014, 200 individuals representing a wide cross section of employees and community members serving on 17 teams began work on action design plans to be completed by September 2014. The BVSD goals and strategic plan will shape school and district improvement plans in the future. Priorities established through the strategic planning process will guide the allocation and utilization of financial and human resources. This is a great time to get involved and help shape the future of BVSD.

Following a year of extensive planning, the capital improvement planning committee developed a comprehensive plan for capital improvement which was endorsed by the Board of Education. Boulder Valley School District is seeking community approval of a property tax increase which will improve facilities and enhance the learning environment on every campus. Community support for this investment is essential to secure a positive future for the Boulder Valley School District.

BVSD has exceptional employees whose dedication to achieving excellence and equity for all students will help us achieve this goal. The incredible support from our school district community allows BVSD to provide high quality programs and services as we strive to meet the needs of every child and assure success for all students.

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