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In this area of the website, I discuss a variety of timely issues and provide information that I hope will be helpful to BVSD staff, parents, students, and community members. To suggest topics, please email me at superintendent@bvsd.org

I look forward to hearing from you!

Bruce Messinger, Ph.D.
Superintendent of BVSD


​During the 12 weeks between the last day of school in May and the first day of school in August, many students participate in extended learning and enrichment programs offered by BVSD and its community partners.
Extended Learning
Some of these programs are designed for students who need additional instructional support, such as the K-8 Literacy Focused Programs and the Site-Sponsored Programs. The K-8 literacy programs target students below grade level reading who qualify as either English Language Learners, living in poverty (as established by federal guidelines), or meeting Special Education requirements for Extended School Year services. The site-sponsored programs also focus on academic core areas, often literacy and/or math, and include other activities. More information is available on the Summer School website.
Summer extended learning programming is provided by BVSD to support students for various reasons:

  • To build on learning and skills developed during the preceding academic year, particularly in language development and literacy;
  • To prevent summer regression (or also known as “summer slide”) of skills and knowledge, providing students strong preparation for the upcoming school year;
  • To meet appropriate expectations for students who qualify for Extended School Year (ESY) services; and
  • To provide opportunities for high school students to catch up on graduation credit requirements.

The BVSD Family Literacy Department also provides adult learning and family literacy support. All BVSD-directed extended learning programs have evaluation components to track effectiveness.
Other opportunities provided by the district are primarily for enrichment. BVSD Kids and Teens Lifelong Learning program offers hundreds of highly popular summer camps at local BVSD schools and offsite locations. Enrollment in Lifelong Learning camps has increased 30 percent this summer. The types of camps offered through Lifelong Learning include cutting-edge technology, science, engineering, sports, art, theatre, cooking, horsemanship, legos, handwriting, chess, and more. Additionally, many teens are taking the opportunity to complete Lifelong Learning’s Driver's Ed, ACT Prep, and SAT Prep courses. Summer is a perfect time to finish these important courses quickly and conveniently. Visit the Lifelong Learning website for details. 
Partner Summer Programs
BVSD and several county agencies also provide various academic and enrichment activities for students, including the following:

  • Summer Shuffle – A reading program coordinated with BVSD, IMPACT on Education (Foundation for BVSD), and Boulder Housing Partners
  • Lifelong Learning/YMCA tuition-based literacy and enrichment classes/camps
  • Ready Kindergarten—Boulder Community Foundation
  • “Catch” Camp—program funded by 21st Century Grant/YMCA
  • I Have A Dream summer programming at Columbine Elementary School and Casey Middle School
  • “Tell your story”—tuition-based program at CU-Boulder
  • Charter School Summer Programs (at Boulder Prep, Justice High and Horizons K-8)

In addition, many organizations hold their summer camps at BVSD schools:
YMCA Fun in the Sun Camp at
    Bear Creek
    Louisville Elementary
Rocky Mountain Day Camp at
    Eldorado K-8
Avid4 Adventure Camp at High Peaks/BCSIS
City and County of Broomfield Summer Camp at Aspen Creek K- 8
City of Lafayette Summer Camp at Pioneer Elementary
Game On! Summer Sports Camp at Douglass Elementary
Information about these and other resources are available in Community Connections, an online guide listing programs guide produced by BVSD that lists programs and services for youth and families in the Boulder Valley community.

Published: 6/22/2015 5:57 PM
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