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National History Day


Boulder County Regional History Day Contest

Conflict & Compromise in History
Saturday, March 17, 2018
Southern Hills Middle School (1500 Knox Drive, Boulder)

Congratulations to our 17 students advancing to the National History Day Contest
in College Park,MD, June 11-15, 2017

These students received special awards at the national level:

Senior Paper, First Place
Title: "By the Code of Humanity": Ralph Carr Takes a Stand for Japanese American Rights in World War II

Stephanie Reitzig, Niwot High School

Special Award: Discovery or Exploration in History

Title: Copernicus and His Theories: Laying the Groundwork for the Heavens
Quinn Perian, Summit Middle School, 
Junior Paper

Outstanding Affiliate Entry - Colorado

Title:  Frederick T. Korematsu: Lasting Changes on Racial Biases and Segregation

Josiah Boehm & St. John Tsuno-Wayne, Summit Middle School, Junior Group Website

2017 National Qualifiers

Junior Group Documentary, First Place: Grace Albright & Emma Kraft, Summit Middle
Project: Margaret Brown: A Voyage to Equal Rights

Junior Group Performance, Second Place: Kate Barlament, Pema Sherpa & Julie Young, Summit Middle
Project: The Knight, the Angel and France's Heroine: Joan of Arc and the French Resistance

Junior Group Website, First Place: Josiah Boehm &  St. John Wayne, Summit Middle
Project: Frederick T. Korematsu: Lasting Changes on Racial Biases and Segregation

Junior Individual Documentary, First Place: Eric Sankey, Summit Middle
Project: Fred Korematsu: Righting an American Wrong

Junior Individual Performance, Second Place: Alan Rivera Rodriguez, Summit Middle
Project: Cesar Chavez: Taking a Stand For Migrant Farm Workers 

Junior Individual Website, Second Place: Emily Maran, Summit Middle
Project: Wangari Maathai: Spreading Seeds of Change

Junior Paper, First Place: Quinn Perian, Summit Middle
Project: Copernicus and His Theories: Laying the Groundwork for the Heavens

Senior Group Exhibit, First Place: Grace Bryant & Madeleine Gallop, Fairview High
Project: "This Land is Your Land": The Negro Motorist Green Book's Stand Against Racism

Senior Individual Documentary Second Place: Ekaterina Yudina
Project: "They Don't Make Soldiers Out of Us Because Our Hymn Is Tiger Rag": The Swingjugend's Stand Against Nazi Gemany

Senior Individual Exhibit, First Place: Youngbin Yoon, Fairview High
Project: The Birth of Hangul: King Sejong's Stance against a Borrowed-Language System in Choson Korea

Senior Individual Performance, Second Place: Rebekah Stein, Boulder High
Project: Carry A. Nation: Inspiring Generations of American Activists

Senior Paper, First Place: Stephanie Reitzig, Niwot High
Project: "By the Code of Humanity": Ralph Carr Takes a Stand for Japanese-American Rights in World War II

Senior Group Documentary, First Place: Jordan Appel, Boulder High
Project: Minders Taking a Stand: The Tragedy of the Ludlow Massacre
Note: Jordan qualified for state via another regional contest

Congratulations to these BVSD students who placed in the Top 9

at the National History Day Contest, June 13-16, 2016, in College Park, MD!​

2nd Place, Senior Individual Performance: Isabella Bowland, Fairview

On Track to Citizenship: The Exploration, Encounter and Symbolic Exchange of the

WanamakerExpedition of Citizenship to the North American Indian​


8th Place, Senior Paper: Emma Perkins, Fairview

Bent's Fort: An Outpost for Cultural Exchange and Exploration of the West

9th Place, Senior Individual Exhibit, Avery Brogle, Fairview

The Novelty of Nonsense: The Whimsical Exploration that Revolutionized Children's Literature​ 

And Congratulations to these BVSD students who also advanced to

the 2016 Kenneth E. Behring NHD Contest!

Junior Individual Documentary, Sophia Murray, Summit; Junior Group Documentary, Hannah Bair & Henry Larson, Southern Hills; Junior Individual Performance, Isabella Gibb, Southern Hills; Junior Group Performance James Appel & Christian Simon, Summit; Junior Individual Website, Anudeep Golla, Southern Hills, and Alyssa Lee, Summit; Senior Individual Documentary, Maya Hladisova, Senior Group Documentary Stacy Hsu & Zixin Zhang and Clare Larsen & Elizabeth McClain, Senior Group Exhibit, Sol Bloomfield, Philip Ding, Jaden Hoechstetter & Arianna Konstantopoulous, all of Fairview.         

What is the National History Day Program?
Each year more than half a million students participate nationwide. Students choose a historical topic related to the annual theme and, then, conduct research using primary and secondary sources. After analyzing and interpreting their sources, students draw conclusions about the significance of their topic. Students present their work in one of five formats: paper, exhibit, performance, documentary, or website. In the spring students may enter their work into local NHD contests where they will be judged by educators and members of the community. If the student’s work is chosen as one of the best at the local contest, they will move on to the State Contest. As a winner at the State Contest students are invited to the Kenneth E. Behring National History Day Contest at the University of Maryland, College Park MD. The skills that students learn along the way with National History Day last a lifetime! - From the National History Day Website.​​

2017 Contest Dates:
Boulder County Regional: April 8, 2017, Southern Hills Middle School

History Day in Colorado: April 30, 2016, University of Colorado-Denver, CO

National History Day: June 12-16, 2016, University of Maryland, College Park, MD​


For more information and resources, check out these helpful websites and links:



Especially useful History Day Playbook

Introductory video 



Boulder Public Library NHD Research Site

Congratulations to these BVSD students who placed in the Top 9

at the 2015 National History Day Contest!

2nd Place: Senior Paper: Joyce Xu, Fairview

Man, Myth, and Icon: The Life and Legacy of Che Guevara

4th Place: Senior Individual Exhibit: Abby Bloomfield, Fairview​

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: "Uh...We Are Going to Be Here for a While"

9th Place: Senior Individual Performance: Samara Angel, Fairview​

Dining and Riding: Diane Nash's Leadership and Legacy in Nonviolent Civil Reform​​

Congratulations to our two BVSD studnts
 who earned top honors at the 2014 National History Day Contest!
Isabella Bowland of Southern Hills Middle School placed third in Junior Individual Performance for her entry:
Press, to Public, to Politicians: Exploring the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: It's Impact on the Rights of Human Subjects and the Responsibilities of All in a Democratic Society.”  Her teachers are Zach Crandall and Jeff Sanders.
Jooyeon Jun of Fairview High School placed sixth in Senior Individual Paper for her entry: 
“Disturbing Comfort: A Violation of Rights and the Japanese Government's Denial of Responsibility." Her teacher is Leigh Campbell-Hale.



Congratulations to Jessica Piper (and teacher Scott Peoples) 
of Fairview High School for her First Place finish at the 2013 national contest!

Senior paper entry:The Great Railroad Strike of 1877: A Catalyst for the American Labor Movement  




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