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Trip Tracker Program
Last school year, Trip Tracker was direclty attributed for reducing over 200,000 car trips to school in 17 BVSD schools. This year, we hope to double that number as students in 31 BVSD schools are earning oneTrip Tracker dollar for every four walking, biking, skating, scooting, busing (RTD or School Bus) or carpooling trips to school ech month. In addition they earn one dollar for every ten miles of walking and biking trips.  Families record their alternative transportation trips and send them in via a montly e-mailed survey (or on paper calendars when no e-mail is available).  
We project that we will be distributing $250,000 of these 'dollars' that can be spent like cash at participating local businesses.  For program details, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (pdf). If you are interested in having Trip Tracker at your school, please contact                                                                        peter.hurst@bvsd.org

Trip Tracker funding comes to us in part by a grant administered by the Denver Regional Council of Governments. DRCOG also brings the WaytoGo carpool networking program that is currently in place in all of our BVSD schools.



 You may report trips for August/Sept. until Monday 10/13.
 Always welcome!





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