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The BVSD Trip Tracker Program

 Trip Tracker Auction is coming May 1!

Who we are:​

Welcome to Trip Tracker, the program that encourages and rewards students for walking, biking, carpooling and riding the bus to school.  We are now in our fourth year and thrilled to be making a difference. Trip Tracker was responsible for a reduction of 200,000 car trips in 17 BVSD schools last year.  This year with the help of a major grant* we are in 31 BVSD schools with 2700 students regularly participating in our monthly rewards program.

How to participate:​

Parents register their children on this website and download monthly calendars to keep track of their trips back and forth to school.  At the end of the month, families receive an email for each registered student asking them to report their total number of trips for the month via a simple survey (available on the website).  We crunch the numbers and deliver boxes of Trip Tracker Dollars to each school to be distributed by parent volunteers to trip tracking students.

 About those Trip Tracker Dollars:
We have over 60 participating businesses and organizations that accept Trip Tracker Dollars like cash.  The businesses include, book stores, toy shops, sporting goods stores, ice cream shops, rec centers, restaurants and an amusement center (mini-golf, go-carts, etc.).  Trip Tracker buys those dollars back from the businesses at 50 cents on the dollar.  Our first year was supported by three businesses that are still with us today --- Spruce Confections, Gateway Fun Park, and The Bookworm.​​

​*Trip Tracker funding comes to us in part by a grant administered by the Denver Regional Council of Governments. DRCOG also brings the WaytoGo carpool networking program that is currently in place in all of our BVSD schools.​

If you'd like to find out more about Trip Tracker, please contact peter.hurst@bvsd.org

April 21-24
 (If you don't see your school, please check back soon--we're still collecting the dates)

Cafeteria Distributions

Tuesday 4/21

Wednesday 4/22

Thursday 4/23

Friday 4/25

Boulder High (main lobby by Auditorium doors)

Friday 4/24 - Folder or Classroom Distributions 

Community Montessori
Eisenhower (in class, all week)
Lafayette El
Louisville El
Pioneer (PK-2nd)

TT_Combo (small).JPG

 The Incredible Trip Tracker Online Auction Opens May 1!!

Yes, you can donate items for the auction. Please do! contact peter.hurst@bvsd.org
 Click on the map to see all of the places that will accept your Trip Tracker Dollars!

 Fun and Games?
  • Dizzy's in Longmont
  • Gateway Fun Park in Boulder
  • Loveland Laser Tag - Fun Center (Double your dollars)




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