Thank you for volunteering to work with BVSD!

Volunteers make up a very important part of the BVSD community. We appreciate your desire to work with us.  You help us provide better service to our students. 

BVSD Parent & Family Partnerships

Thank you for offering to volunteer at the BVSD! 
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​Please read BVSD's IJOC policy and IJOC-R for school volunteers

​​Level 1 

Supervised Contact 

Sex Offender Background Check Only

​No contact with students or the contact with students is either incidental or directly supervised (“line of sight”) by a District employee.

Volunteer will be checked against the Colorado Convicted Sex Offender Registry at each school.

Please complete the Volunteer Application below and bring to the school of your preference 

* Schools will provide a paper application at the volunteer's request *

The volunteer service involves indirectly supervised contact with students on or off campus.

There are two types of background checks, School Year Approval (TC Logiq) and CBI Background Check (Fingerprinting)
Please read the 

* Schools will provide a paper application at the volunteer's request *

​The volunteer service includes driving students.

Drivers need to pass Level 2 requirements and bring copies of driver's license, and proof of insurance, to the school where they want to be drivers. 

* Schools will provide a paper application at the volunteer's request *

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 BVSD Computer/Network Access

For volunteers who will need BVSD computer/network access:

After your volunteer paperwork has been approved, request that your school office staff submit an IT service request for your BVSD computer/network account. 

For Office Staff only:  BVSD Accounts for Non-Employees

We look forward to working with you!