Thank you for volunteering to work with BVSD!

Volunteers make up a very important part of the BVSD community and we appreciate your desire to work with us to achieve greater service for all of the communities we serve.

BVSD Parent & Family Partnerships

¡Gracias por ofrecer hacer trabajo voluntario en el BVSD!

Depending on what type of volunteer service you would like to provide in the schools, a background check may be required. All volunteers must complete and submit a Volunteer Application.

Levels of Clearance​Description​Required Clearance
​Level 1
​The volunteer service involves no contact with students or the contact with students is either incidental or directly supervised (“line of sight”) by a District employee. ​Volunteer must complete an acceptable Volunteer Application and will be checked against the Colorado Convicted Sex Offender Registry at the building level.
​Level 2
​The volunteer service involves indirectly supervised contact with students on or off campus. ​Volunteer must complete an acceptable Volunteer Application and have an acceptable criminal background check.*
​Level 3
​The volunteer service includes driving students. ​Volunteer must complete an acceptable Volunteer Application, comply with Board Policy EEAE, Student Transportation in Private Vehicles, and have an acceptable criminal background check.*
* See BVSD School Volunteers policy regulation IJOC-R for exceptions and other details.

Options for Getting Background Checks
​TCLogiQ (must be done each year)​$17 + taxes / $25 + taxes if transporting students
​Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
See Background Checks page for details.

We look forward to working with you!

- Volunteer Packet 2016-17
Carta a los Voluntarios
CBI Information Sheet
CBI Notice to Applicants
CBI Privacy Act Notification
Fingerprint locations
Hoja de Informacion CBI
Volunteer Coach Agreement 2016-17
Volunteer Letter

 BVSD Computer/Email Access

For volunteers who will need BVSD computer/email access:

After your volunteer paperwork has been approved, request that your school office staff submit an IT service request for your​ BVSD computer/email account. 

For Office Staff only:  BVSD Accounts for Non-Employees