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Menzel sisters

While Cara Mentzel’s sister, Idina Menzel (yes, they spell their last names differently), is known for her roles on stage and screen, it was Cara who was treated like a superstar when she returned to Foothill Elementary in Boulder, Colorado earlier this month.

The educator, turned author, came back to the school where she taught for nearly 15 years to share her and her sister’s new children’s book, “Loud Mouse”. Students and staff at the school welcomed her back warmly.


BVSD has been working for more than a decade to create healthy learning environments and experiences that equip all students and staff with the knowledge and skills to create more equitable and sustainable communities.

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We want to let you know that law enforcement responded to Boulder High School and Boulder Preparatory High School this morning, following what appears to be another swatting call.

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All Together for All Students Strategic Plan

All Together for All Students

The Boulder Valley School District has developed a new Strategic Plan. This ambitious, exciting and comprehensive effort will guide BVSD for the next five years and aims at bringing everyone together to meet the needs of all students.


All students benefit from challenging and relevant educational opportunities


Reduce disparities in achievement


Every student graduates empowered with the skills necessary for post-graduate success

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