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Happy Summer Break!

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Our task force is continuing their work, planning for students to return to learning this fall.

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Today, students and teachers will be saying their good-byes, but it won’t be like any last day of school that any of us have ever experienced. In this era of COVID-19, there will be no hugs and those tearful moments will be held, not in the classroom, but through digital screens.

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While the pandemic has delayed BVSD’s graduations, it did not keep our community from coming together virtually and, in some cases in socially-distanced displays, to show their appreciation of the Class of 2020 during BVSD Senior Week.

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Food program serves all Families, regardless of background
When schools closed and BVSD launched food distribution, many of the first customers were families who receive free and reduced lunch. The pandemic has now impacted people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, so the food distribution sites are now a place where BVSD families from all walks of life go to help stretch their monthly budget during these financially stressful times.

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So much has been asked of parents during this time— balancing full-time jobs and home learning for their kids, learning new technologies, facing financial and emotional struggles. The district really can’t thank parents enough for all they have done to keep learning alive at home.

Helps is here- academics,IT,counseling,health and help line: 720-770-0102

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