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In-District Transfer Process

Current BVSD employees are able to apply on-line for specific transfer opportunities. Paper transfer forms will no longer be used. No administrator signatures are requiredSchools/departments will also be sent a list of openings when new vacancies are posted. Current job openings will still be posted in Human Resources.  It is important to note that transfers will be accepted for specific vacancies only and that general transfers will no longer be accepted.
To view current open positions any time online:
From the BVSD web site at www.bvsd.org.  Click on the “Jobs @ BVSD” link, and then click on the link to “Apply for a Job/Browse Job Openings.”  This takes you to the Job Application system.  You can access the Jobs @ BVSD page directly at www.bvsd.org/jobs.  You do not need to log in or apply for a position in order to view the current openings.
To apply for an in-district transfer, you need to complete the following:
To be considered for a position, candidates need to complete an application online at http://bvsd.org/jobs.  Candidates apply to a specific posting by clicking on the box to the left of an opening on the Vacancies section of the application.  Be sure to provide your BVSD employee number on the BVSD Employee Information section of the application. 

Transfer process:
•Apply to a specific posting
•Include BVSD employee number
•Complete and submit an online application (attachments are optional)