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‚ÄčParaeducators fill a number of valuable roles in the Boulder Valley School District. In recognition of this, we are working to make this page a valuable "first-stop" resource for all your paraeducator questions and information needs.

The Board reaffirms the important role of paraeducators play in assisting the students and staff in the educational program of the District.  It further agrees to provide paraeducators in both the elementary and secondary schools as determined by effective practices and staffing guidelines.  Priority for paraeducators time may be given to:  relieve class overloads, staff resource centers and libraries, meet the unique and/or unusual needs of a particular school, work directly with students to meet their individual needs as overseen by the certified staff member, and support programs in non-student contact positions.  Assignment of paraeducator schedules at the building level may be made through a shared decision making process.