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Equity in BVSD means...

  • removing institutional barriers to success

  • providing intentional support for each student, staff member and family or community member so that each has opportunity to achieve at the highest levels

  • embracing and respecting the dignity and diversity of each individual within our community

  • questioning assumptions and examining our own biases

  • challenging systems of power and oppression

  • creating counter-narratives to the common habits and assumptions that inhibit inclusion

  • confronting discrimination against our own or another person’s identity

  • commiting to building our own and others’ capacity for culturally responsive teaching, learning, and leading

Equidad en el BVSD significa:

  • eliminar las barreras institucionales para el éxito
  • proporcionar apoyo intencional a cada estudiante, miembro del personal y familia o miembro de la comunidad para que cada uno tenga la oportunidad de lograr su más alto nivel
  • aceptar y respetar la dignidad y diversidad de cada individuo dentro de nuestra comunidad
  • cuestionar las suposiciones y examinar nuestros propios prejuicios
  • desafiar los sistemas de poder y opresión
  • crear contra-narrativas a los hábitos comunes y suposiciones que inhiben la inclusión
  •  confrontar la discriminación contra nuestra propia identidad o la de otra persona
  • comprometerse a construir nuestra propia capacidad y la de los demás para una enseñanza, aprendizaje y liderazgo culturalmente receptivos.
BVSD Equity Steering Committee

Purpose of Steering Committee
  • Provide high level guidance and direction to the various current and future equity efforts in BVSD.

  • Develop a strategic plan for equity for BVSD

  • Monitor progress towards goals and benchmarks outlined in the strategic plan.

  • Advocate for more equitable systems, structures and policies throughout all levels of the organization.

  • Delegate tasks to working groups as needed.

Equity Policies

The BVSD Board has passed many policies
with regard to equity and non-discrimination.

Strategic Plan Update

After the Equity Summit and public comments we received on the draft Strategic Plan, we are working to incorporate the feedback into the next draft of a plan. Click here to review a report of the equity work done in 2017-18 and a debrief of the Equity Summit.

Sam MessierAssistant Superintendent of Instructional Services & Equity720-561-6062samantha.messier@bvsd.org
Janice WheelerExecutive Assistant720-561-5167janice.wheeler@bvsd.org