Boulder Valley School District


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File: ADA (pdf)
Adopted: August 9, 1976
Revised: November 13, 2018


The Board of Education of the Boulder Valley School District RE2 has adopted the following philosophy of education:

Aware of the great excitement in humankind's classic quest for knowledge, cognizant of the stimulation given this adventure of the mind by new discoveries in a changing world, and convinced that young people must be challenged to accept the responsibility for productive learning that is concomitant with the privilege of education, the Boulder Valley School District will provide equality of opportunity for education of the individual to the maximum of his or her academic and creative abilities and in accordance with his or her needs and interests.

Every constructive force within the community will be encouraged to work with the schools in developing an understanding of the fundamental concepts of American democracy based on the sense of worth, dignity, and responsibility of the individual as a contributing member of the society in which he or she lives.

Instructional programs are available to eligible residents of the Boulder Valley School District. Individuality is recognized and highly prized in students, teachers, and community aspirations.

In the belief that excellence of education is chiefly dependent upon the ability of the classroom teacher and upon the quality of administrative and parental support of the teacher's task, we pledge the resources of the Boulder Valley School District RE2 to cultivation of an effective teaching climate.

IA, Instructional Goals

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