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Adopted:   Model adopted June 16, 1977
Revised: March 13, 2001, August 14, 2012, December 11, 2018, September 12, 2023

(Including District Accountability Committee and School Accountability Committees)


The Board accepts its ultimate responsibility for the academic accomplishments of School District students. Consistent with this responsibility and as required by law, the Board shall adopt and maintain an accountability program to measure the adequacy and efficiency of the educational program.

The Board believes in the roles of the District Accountability Committee (DAC) and School Accountability Committee (SACs), and directs that these groups be fostered and incorporated into the School District’s accountability structure in a meaningful way. The DAC and SACs promote effective accountability by gathering and disseminating information and perspectives from their constituencies, promoting transparency, timely evaluating the School District and its Schools’ performance, and promoting the flow of information across Schools, the School District and the community.

The Board believes that the School District and its Schools benefit from diverse representation in School District committees. State law and State Board rules require DAC and SACs to reflect the “student populations significantly represented” in the School District and its Schools. These student populations may include, but need not be limited to, students who are members of non-caucasian races, those who are eligible for free or reduced-cost meals, those who are Emerging Bilingual, migrant children, students identified as having a disability, and gifted children. The Board expects committee members and supporting School District staff to work proactively to include those with non-English language or communication and accommodation needs.

In accordance with state law, the Board shall appoint DAC. Each school principal shall appoint a SAC. To promote effective SACs, the Board directs that principals be provided with regular training on the role of a SAC and the appointment process. If a significant question arises regarding the operation of a SAC, individuals may follow the chain of command as set forth in Board Policy KE and KE-R.

The Board and the DAC shall, at least annually, cooperatively determine the areas and issues, in addition to budget issues, that the DAC shall study and the issues on which it may make recommendations to the Board.

All DAC meetings and SAC meetings shall be open to the public. Meeting notices for DAC meetings shall be posted in the same place and manner as notices of Board meetings. Notices for SAC meetings shall be made to the school community at least one week before the meeting.

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