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File: BDF (pdf)
Adopted:  March 9, 2010


The Board of Education encourages the participation of citizens of the district in decisionmaking processes. However, the legal responsibility for decision-making in all matters of policy and operation rests with the Board.

  1. Board-appointed advisory committees, both district-wide and at the school level, shall function within organizational frameworks approved by the Board. A staff member or members will be assigned to each group to help it develop an appropriate constitution and/or by-laws, carry out its functions and coordinate its work with other advisory and staff groups. Only the Board shall have the authority to dissolve committees it has created.
  2. School-and district-level advisory committees that are required under federal and state programs shall be formed and shall function in accordance with the requirements pertaining to each specific federal or state program. The Board shall grant to those bodies the advisory responsibilities relevant to the planning, implementation and evaluation of such program or project as required by law.
  3. Community groups that are neither appointed by the Board nor formed as required under federal or state programs are encouraged to offer suggestions and advice to the Board in order to assist it in the decisionmaking process. The
    final responsibility for all decisions, however, rests with the Board of Education

Appointments of citizens to advisory committees shall be approved by the Board. An advisory committee member shall be removed from office by the Board if that member does not attend three consecutive meetings unless the committee by resolution approves any additional absences or unless such absences are due to temporary disability or illness. In addition, the committee by majority vote may request the removal from office of any member. Such removal shall require subsequent Board approval.

All committee meetings shall be open to the public. Meeting notices shall be posted in the same place and manner as notices of Board meetings.

C.R.S. § 22-11-301, 401 (accountability committees)                                                               
C.R.S. § 22-9-107 (performance evaluation councils) 
C.R.S. § 22-32-109.1(2) (community consultation on safe school plan, including conduct and discipline code)      
C.R.S. § 24-6-402 (open meeting law)

AF, Commitment to Accomplishment
BDFA, District Personnel Performance Evaluation Council
BDFB, Career and Technical Advisory Council
BEDA, Notification of Board Meetings
JFC, Student Conduct
JG, Student Discipline
KCB, Community Involvement in Decisionmaking

End of File: BDF