Boulder Valley School District


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File: BDFF (pdf)
Adopted: June 7, 2022



Committee Description

The Board of Education shall appoint a Long Range Advisory Committee (LRAC), which shall develop recommendations to ensure sound long-term facility decisions consistent with the needs of the School District and in support of the School District’s strategic initiatives.

LRAC is intended to provide a high level of accountability, engagement and communication with the Boulder Valley community to ensure stakeholders are engaged and their values and priorities are reflected in the Board’s decisions.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Review enrollment trends and facility utilization to identify data and information needed to accurately assess current and future facility demands.
  • Review the School District’s program offerings and analyze cost-effective ways to allocate spaces for these programs.
  • Assess system-wide school and facility utilization and develop strategies to ensure an equitable distribution of program opportunities for all BVSD students.
  • Provide periodic updates and recommendations to the Superintendent and the Board of Education.


LRAC is comprised of voluntary representative members of the Boulder Valley School District community. In constituting the committee, the Board will strive to reflect the diversity of the BVSD community with respect to social, economic, ethnic, geographic, and age demographics as well as constituents with and without school-aged children. Also, the Board will strive to create a committee with a broad background of knowledge and experience including but not limited to general business, real estate, information technology, development/construction, architecture/engineering, and financial management/banking/accounting. Up to thirty (30) members will be selected based upon the following suggested stakeholder groups:

  • At least two (2) members representing each community in BVSD: Mountains, Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Erie, and Broomfield
  • At least one (1) elementary principal, one (1) middle level principal, one (1) high school principal, and one (1) charter school principal
  • One (1) Boulder Valley Education Association representative.
  • At least one (1) member from each of the following committees/councils: Budget Advisory Committee, Special Education Advisory Committee, District Accountability Committee, District Parent Council, Latino Parent Advisory Council, Equity Council, Youth Equity Council and Parents of Color Council.

Appointment Process

The Superintendent or designee will create an online application process to be available on the BVSD website. Designated staff will review applications and present candidates to the Board of Education for approval.

Individuals selected will be appointed for one year terms and may reapply for any subsequent terms.


The LRAC is to meet not more than monthly or less than quarterly. A regular meeting schedule will be developed, kept updated, and posted in the same place and manner as School Board meetings.

All committee meetings shall be open to the public.


The LRAC may arrive at the committee’s recommendations by voting including votes tabulated by email or digital poll, unless the committee establishes another fair and appropriate process.