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Adopted:  April 23, 2024


The public expects its elected Board Members to demonstrate high qualities of leadership and effectiveness as they govern the public schools. In turn, the Board may expect public support for training and continuing education to expand the knowledge and abilities of its Members.

Onboarding Activities

When new Board Members are appointed or elected, the Board commits to prioritizing activities that will educate new Board Members, help establish beneficial and appropriate working relationships and conditions, and promote a high functioning governance team. Such activities may include a retreat or work sessions dedicated to Board review of policies, practices, and norms, and discussion of expectations for the Board’s work.

Professional Development

The Board encourages all Board Members to participate in school board conferences, workshops, and learning opportunities to enhance the quality and effectiveness of public school governance, expand the Board’s knowledge of contemporary issues and new ideas affecting the continued welfare of local schools, and to deepen Board members’ insights into the nature of school board leadership. Board Members may participate in activities including those in and out-of-state, such as those offered by the Colorado Association of School Boards and the National School Boards Association, provided the opportunities are relevant to Board business and the goals articulated
in this Policy. After participating, Board Members will discuss their professional development opportunities with the Board in a public meeting.

The Superintendent is directed to establish funds within the budget to cover the costs of Board Members’ participation in such conferences, conventions and workshops. Board Members may be reimbursed from School District funds for professional development expenses upon submission of appropriate documentation and Board approval in a public meeting.

C.R.S. § 22-32-104(5) (board member compensation)
C.R.S. § 22-32-110(1)(n), (u) (power to provide necessary expenses)

BIC, Board Member Insurance and Compensation


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