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File: BMO (pdf)
Adopted:  March 9, 2010
Revised:   January 9, 2024


Within 15 days after the School District receives the official abstract of votes, the Board shall meet in an organizational session at a regular or special meeting for the purpose of selecting officers. 

The incumbent President of the Board shall preside until a successor is elected, whereupon the successor will assume the chair. 

Following the swearing in of the newly elected Board Member or Members, the following officers, in order, shall be elected or appointed: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. 

One week prior to the Board Organizational meeting, Board Members interested in serving for an office shall submit in writing a short letter of interest to the Board Secretary. This letter will include information about the candidate and why the member would like to serve in a particular position. 

Board Members should not make agreements in advance concerning votes for office. Voting for President and Vice-President shall be by secret ballot. Should no nominee receive a majority vote of Board Members, the election shall be declared null and void, and the secret ballot vote shall be retaken. 

The President and Vice President shall serve two-year terms and shall hold office until their successors are elected. 

The Board shall then appoint a Secretary and Treasurer who may or may not be Members of the Board. Such appointments shall be approved by a majority vote of Board Members present. The Secretary and Treasurer shall hold their offices for terms at the pleasure of the Board. 

Following election and appointment of the officers, the Board shall appoint the staff members who will fill the offices of Assistant Secretary to the Board and Assistant Treasurer, who shall hold their offices at the pleasure of the Board. 

Then such other items of business shall be considered by the Board as are scheduled on the agenda. 

Officer Resignation 

Should one or more officers of the Board resign, the Board shall select another Member or Members to fill the vacant office or offices as provided by law, using the procedures described above. A newly selected officer shall assume the duties immediately upon selection. Inasmuch as the selection of a new officer frequently requires a shifting of officers it shall be permissible for a Member to be nominated for another office without resigning the current office. Upon acceptance of the nomination and election to the new office, the former office shall be declared vacant and another member elected to fill that position.

C.R.S. § 22-31-104(3) (biennial school elections)                                                            
C.R.S. § 22-32-104(1),(2),(3),(4) (organization of the board)                                                 
C.R.S. § 22-32-108(6) (meetings of the board – voting procedure)

End of File: BMO