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File: BA (pdf)
Adopted: Date of Manual Adoption; October 12, 2010


The role of a Board of Education, according to the laws of Colorado, is to provide excellent and equitable education for the students of the district, taking into account the needs and desires of the community and their ability and willingness to support the educational program. The board is responsible to the community and, therefore, should attempt to take into account the opinion of the community and reconcile competing values. School board members must look to the future, as the results of many decisions and actions of the board will not be realized at once, but they will set the course of education for years to come. The board governs through the creation of educational policies that will provide an excellent and equitable education for the students of the Boulder Valley School District, giving priority in all its deliberations and decisions to the needs - both immediate and anticipated - of the students.

Current practice codified 1978

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