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(And Principalship)

The Board of Education reaffirms the rights and responsibilities of the building principals for the complete administration of their various programs and buildings within the broad scope of the adopted policies of the Board and as prescribed by the laws of Colorado. Specifically, the principal of each school is the responsible head and professional leader in the development of the educational program and the improvement of instruction in the school and in interpreting that school and the policies governing it to the community.  

All personnel in each school building shall work through and under the direction of the principal in the performance of their duties within the school. The principal shall establish channels for the ready interchange of ideas between the school staff on the one hand and the central administration on the other, specifically with regard to suggestions and ideas for improving programs.   

The Principals Advisory Council shall function as the main forum for the District's principals and assistant principals in sharing ideas, concerns, and solutions, and in formulating opinions and recommendations to be communicated to the Superintendent.   

Current practice codified 1978   

LEGAL REF.: C.R.S. 22‐32‐126   

Teachers' agreement, Section C  Principals' agreement   

HA, Negotiations Goals (Principles Guiding Negotiations Procedures)   

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