Boulder Valley School District


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File: DH (pdf)
Adopted: Date of manual adoption, current practice codified in 1978
Revised: June 22, 2004, June 9, 2009


The District's Chief Financial Officer and Accounting Services Director shall be bonded in the sum of $100,000 each. Other employees may be bonded at the discretion of the Superintendent.

The Secretary and Treasurer of the Board shall, as required by Colorado statute, be individually bonded. The separate bonds for the Secretary and the Treasurer have been set at $25,000 each.

The cost of bonding shall be borne by the District.

Employees who are responsible for handling District funds shall be covered by the District’s crime coverage insurance policy, assuming all funds are handled in accordance with the District’s cash handling procedures.

C.R.S. § 22-32-104(4)(b) (Organization of board of education-treasurer)
C.R.S. § 22-32-109(1)(h) (Board of education-district duties-custody of school district moneys)

End of File: DH