Boulder Valley School District


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File:  DBJ (pdf)
Adopted:  Date of manual adoption
Revised: April 13, 2004, June 9, 2009


The Board shall follow state statute regarding the transfer of unencumbered moneys and other funds as specified by state law.

Unencumbered moneys shall not be transferred from one fund to another unless authorized in advance by Board resolution. When a contingency occurs, the Board, by resolution, may transfer any unencumbered moneys from the contingency reserve account, which is within the general fund, to any other fund or function.

School Budget Accounts

Principals are responsible for funds budgeted to that school and may transfer moneys between their discretionary accounts. However, moneys in school staffing salary and benefit accounts cannot be transferred without the approval of the Superintendent.

Program Budget Accounts

Program managers are responsible for funds budgeted to that program and may transfer discretionary moneys according to procedures established by the program manager. Transfers between programs must have the approval of each program manager’s immediate supervisor.

All budget transfers require the approval of the Superintendent.

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End of File: DBJ