Boulder Valley School District


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File: DD (pdf)
Adopted: March 31, 2001  
Revised: June 9, 2009


The District encourages and is receptive to financial support from appropriate federal, state, local governmental and private grant-makers to aid in delivery, maintenance, and improvement of District and school educational, support or operational programs.

The term "grant" encompasses all federal, state, and local governmental, corporate or foundation financial awards that have specific performance requirements or conditions attached and that are applied for and accepted by the District.

BVSD is the legal applicant and recipient for all grant funds applied for and received by all of its public schools, programs and departments. Contracts awarded to the District consequent to the receipt of a grant by another agency or institution are considered sub-award grants, and are subject to all of same requirements as awards received directly by BVSD. Grants applied for and received by individual District personnel for personal or professional development purposes are not subject to District policies unless they involve students, use of school property, or require the participation of other District personnel.

The District may apply for and receive grants that support the current BVSD Goals or otherwise improve educational resources. The Board reserves the right to approve or decline any grant application or award based upon established principles, and may delegate this authority to the Superintendent or other staff assigned by the Superintendent.

The opportunity to competitively apply for a grant must be available to all District schools under the same eligibility criteria if a grant is used to fund any school personnel position(s). This provision does not apply to the District itself, which may apply for grants to fund personnel at particular schools based upon established principles and demonstrated differentiated needs, including, but not limited to: student achievement, educational equity and school climate.

Any grant application of $25,000 or more, or made to a state or federal agency, or requiring the expenditure of non-budgeted District or school funds (i.e. cash matching funds) must be approved by the Board. The Superintendent shall have the authority to approve grants applications from $2,500 up to $25,000. The Principal or department director shall have the authority to approve grant applications of less than $2,500.
Schools or District departments may not make applications for grants of more than $25,000, or to a state, or federal agency, or requiring the expenditure of non-budgeted district or school funds, without submission of an Intent to Apply form to the Superintendent or designee, and his or her signed approval.
The Superintendent shall establish procedures for grant administration and for review and approval of all grant applications. The Superintendent shall provide a quarterly report to the Board of all awarded grants.
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