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File: DEB/DEC/DFC (pdf)
Adopted:  February 9, 1978


Cooperative Projects — School District Funding

Except for noncategorical state and federal funds received by the School District to support the general fund budget, other outside funds received for any project requiring
the expenditure of School District funds and/or the cooperative use of School District
facilities on a regularly scheduled basis shall be brought to the Board of Education for
authorization before the project is instituted.

When such projects are proposed, the following information shall be presented:

  1. Specific educational needs to be served.
  2. Alternatives considered in meeting those needs.
  3. Specific strategies and activities planned to meet those needs.
  4. A budget identifying revenue anticipated from all sources (including all in-kind contributions of each fundor); itemized expenditures (including projections for salaries and benefits, supplies and equipment, inservice and training expense, travel to professional meetings, etc.); and staffing requirements.
  5. Scope and duration of the project, including a description of the population to be served.
  6. Description of decisionmaking framework and responsibilities assigned school personnel.

Cooperative projects will be staffed and initiated subsequent to Board authorization.
School District selection and compensation policies will be followed in making staffing
arrangements whenever possible.

In approving cooperative projects, the Board of Education will be responsible only for
School District contributions authorized in the project budget and only for the purposes
described. If total anticipated revenue is not received, services must be curtailed.
Services to school-age children have the highest priority for retention in such circumstances.

In the event that implementation extends into more than one budget year, the Board will review the project annually as part of the School District budget review process.

C.R.S. 22-44-110(5)

DB, Annual Operating Budget

End of File: DEB/DEC/DFC