Boulder Valley School District


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  • Fiscal Management

File: DLB (pdf) 
Adopted: prior to 1969, date of manual adoption  
Revised:  August 12, 2003, June 22, 2004, June 9, 2009


Deductions shall be made from the compensation of all employees for federal and state income tax in keeping with federal and state requirements.

All other deductions, except those required by court order and state law (i.e. wage garnishments, court-ordered child support, PERA, etc.) shall be made with the permission of the employee.

The Superintendent is authorized to approve the types of voluntary deductions available to employees.

Salary deductions shall be made for absences not covered by leave policies adopted by the Board. Such deductions shall be calculated on the basis of the employee’s work year.

Teachers' Agreement, Section F
Service Personnel agreement, Article III
Paraeducators’ Agreement, Section C

GCBC, Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GDBC, Support Staff Fringe Benefits

End of File: DLB