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File: ECAA-R (pdf) 
Revised: May 27, 1982, February 11, 2004, March 8, 2022

(And Key Control)

 Key Control System

The loss of a single key, or the indiscreet use of it, could easily result in the expenditure of thousands of dollars to replace building locks, not to mention the loss which might occur through vandalism and theft. Considering the risk involved, the Board of Education requires the full cooperation of every employee in observing the following procedures:

  1. All keys to each building will be issued and controlled by the Operations Department, through the building principal, or appropriate department director or Assistant Superintendent.
  2. The building principal or the department director will maintain an accurate key inventory including a system of check-out/check-in with employee signatures.
  3. Teachers will be issued individual room keys — including keys to cabinet and storage cases within the rooms — on a school term basis, not to exceed ten months.

    When it is necessary for a teacher to carry school keys during vacation months, such keys will be issued for that period only
  4. The principal will be issued a limited number of exterior door keys for temporary assignment to appropriate building employees for specific short-term night and weekend uses. When there is a continuous need, an exterior door key may be issued for longer periods. No staff should be allowed access to the building between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., except during an emergency.
  5. The building principals will be issued building master keys. Assistant principals, custodians, and Community School coordinators may be issued building master keys as determined by the principal. In addition, there will be one building master key kept in the school safe for use in emergencies. A set of building master keys will be available in the school’s lock box and knox box, if applicable.
  6. The building principals shall be entitled to any and all classroom keys, storeroom keys, storage keys, and all other keys to locked areas within their individual buildings.
  7. The custodian will be issued keys to all classroom areas, storage areas, and storage cases except for the individual desks, files, and storage cases within the separate classrooms and offices.
  8. Light, power, and ventilating control keys will be issued only to the principal and the custodian.
  9. District grand master keys will be issued to the Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Operational Services, and only to such other employees whose work, in the judgment of the Superintendent or their designee, makes it necessary for them to have access to a number of buildings during off hours or in emergencies.
  10. No employees shall copy any key issued to them or coming into their possession. Unauthorized copying of keys will be considered justification for dismissal.
  11. Employees are required to keep district keys in their possession at all times, and in no case should they be loaned without administrative approval.  Keys should not be labeled as belonging to BVSD.
  12. Loss of keys must be reported immediately to the Security Department and the employees supervisor. Duplicate keys will be issued at a cost of $25.00 per key, or the cost of re-keying the affected locks if re-keying is deemed necessary.
  13. Teachers and other employees terminating employment will be required to surrender all keys in their possession before a final settlement check is issued.
  14. The Operations Department will make a periodic security check of each principal's key file.
  15. The key file for each school building must be kept in the office safe or other secured area. All keys shall be clearly marked.



C.R.S. §  18-9-112 (loitering)
C.R.S. § 18-9-117  (unlawful conduct on public property)
C.R.S. § 22-32-109.1 (building safety and security policy is required part of school safety plan)


End of File: ECAA-R