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File:  EB-R2 (pdf)
Adopted:  September 26, 2000


Every reasonable precaution shall be taken to protect the safety of all students, employees, visitors, and others present on school property or at school-sponsored events. Each principal shall be responsible for the supervision of a safety program in his or her school. The Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Safety shall be responsible for making safety inspections and for seeing that any potentially dangerous conditions are properly reported and corrected. The building staff is expected to carry out all safety measures in accordance with all safety regulations formulated by the administration.


A "Safety Policy Statement" has been adopted for all areas of operation in the District. Every student, teacher, parent, principal, and staff member has a responsibility and is expected to contribute to a safe and healthy environment by preventing accidents, using equipment and materials properly, and respecting the rights and property of others. Accident prevention is accomplished through increased awareness, training, and review of unsafe situations. Investigation of all accidents increases the awareness and aids in preventing further occurrences. Every accident is to be investigated by the school administrator or supervisor when completing the appropriate forms. A copy of the accident form should be forwarded to Risk Management for further investigation. Risk Management is also available for training and staff workshops on accident investigation and prevention.

Published Procedures

The procedures developed by the administration and the Boulder County Health Department are contained in the publication Emergency Care in Case of Sickness and Accidents Occurring at School. It is available from school nurses and is on file at the Education Center in the designated supervisor's office.

Eye Protective Devices

As required by law, and in the interest of public health and safety and welfare of students, it is required that all students, instructors, and visitors wear eye protective devices whenever they are in or near designated "restricted areas" such as vocational training labs, industrial arts or science labs, applied technology labs, photo dark rooms, and other reasonable and appropriate places.

Emergency Card/Permission

Parents shall be required to furnish yearly emergency information on an emergency card. This information shall include the name of the family physician, the business address and telephone numbers where parents may be reached during the day, permission to call an ambulance, and the telephone numbers of two friends or relatives who are willing to be notified if the parents cannot be reached. It is the principal's responsibility to ensure that a card has been completed and signed by a parent/guardian for each student.

Incident Reports

Incidents occurring on school premises or at school-sponsored events involving injury or illness to student(s) are reported to the building principal and to Risk Management at the Education Center on a special form provided for this purpose. The report shall be made by the person overseeing the administration of first aid and shall include a description of the injury, how the incident occurred, and a statement as to whether or not the student is covered by school insurance.

Related Materials

Detailed procedures regarding accident and fire prevention and the Manual of Safety Rules and Regulations may be obtained from Maintenance and Operations.

End of File:  EB-R2