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File:   EDC (pdf)
Adopted: prior to 1969
Revised: August 26, 1974


School equipment shall not be loaned or leased to outside agencies, groups, or individuals except upon the special authorization of the appropriate administrator in unusual circumstances.

When facilities are used by community groups, use of school equipment — except for that which is normally considered part of the facility itself — will not be permitted except for rare instances when, in the judgment of the building principal, such uses are justified. An additional fee may be charged if the principal and the appropriate level Executive Director think it necessary.

Examples of equipment for which extra fees may be charged are: (a) stage scenery and flats; (b) projectors; (c) stage lighting equipment; (d) music stands. Any stage lighting equipment and projectors must be operated by school (or school-approved) personnel. School operators shall be paid by the School District at an established hourly rate or at a flat fee as established by the principal and approved by the appropriate Executive Director.

KF, Community Use of School Facilities

End of File:  EDC