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File:  EBCC-R (pdf)
Adopted:  Prior to 1978


In all cases, it will be necessary to complete the Report of Bomb Threat form provided by the security office and to follow the procedures listed below:

1. Upon Receipt of a Threat

a. Evaluate the phone call; e.g., adult or student, prank, or otherwise.

b. Seek other information from the caller without indicating panic; e.g., where the bomb may be and the time of expected detonation.

c. Notify the principal immediately after the caller hangs up.

d. After notifying the principal, immediately notify the District's security office (442-2400) which in turn will contact the proper police authority and District administrators.

2. Principal's Duties - If the decision to evacuate the building is made:

a. Evacuation will be conducted in an orderly fashion through the door nearest to the cluster of students.

b. Students will be escorted by the classroom teacher to at least 300 feet from the building.

c. Teachers will open all windows and unlock and open all doors on the way out of the building to facilitate search efforts.

d. In bad weather, a quick search of the gym or all-purpose room should be made first. Students can then stay in this room for a program of announcements relative to routine school matters until the search of the school has been completed.

3. Security Office's Duties

a. Notify local police and respond to the school.

b. Establish a communication center and coordinate search efforts with police and building principal.

4. The Search

a. Should the caller indicate that a bomb is located in a specific building or area, the building principal or his designee shall involve only volunteering District personnel in the search while awaiting the arrival of security personnel and police.

b. The search must be conducted as rapidly as possible. Priority should be given to the search of restrooms, stairwells, entrances, delivery areas, and hallways.

c. A suspected object should NOT be touched but reported immediately to the communications center. At this point, the Boulder Bomb Squad shall assume responsibility for removal of the object.

End of File:  EBCC-R