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Buildings and Grounds Maintenance (And Operations)

File:  ECB (pdf)
Adopted:   prior to 1969
Revised: date of manual adoption

Associated Regulation: ECB-R

(And Operations)

The operation of the school plant involves all activities necessary to keep the physical
plant open and ready for use. Maintenance of the plant refers to the regular upkeep,
repair, or replacement of any part of the physical plant.

Principal's Responsibility

Because the operational and maintenance programs are so vital to the instructional
program, it is important that the building principal and the Manager of Maintenance,
Safety, and Operations cooperate closely. The principal shall make recommendations
regarding the employment, assignment, transfer, or dismissal of custodians in his
building. The principal shall make periodic inspections of his building and grounds, and
shall request needed operational and maintenance services through the proper channels.

Teacher's Responsibility

The teacher should be constantly aware that the classroom environment can have a
positive or negative effect on learning. Classrooms should be clean, orderly, and
attractive, and the furniture and equipment should fit the needs of the students. Problems
should be brought to the attention of the principal immediately, so that he may arrange
for their solution.

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