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File:   EEAEAA (pdf)
Adopted: December 8, 1994


The Boulder Valley School District is committed to the safe operation of all District commercial motor vehicles. The District has adopted this controlled substance and alcohol testing policy, in compliance with the Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Rule, to prevent accidents and injuries resulting from the misuse of alcohol or the use of controlled substances by operators of commercial motor vehicles. This policy ensures that all employees required to hold a commercial driver's license shall be subject to controlled substance and alcohol testing.


This policy applies to all employees, including part-time, temporary, substitute, and contract workers who are required to hold a Colorado commercial driver's license and who work in the Transportation, Operations and Maintenance, or Warehouse Departments. This policy also applies to all applicants for employment into positions requiring a Colorado commercial driver's license, including current District employees seeking to transfer into such positions.


The Superintendent or designee shall formulate administrative procedures which set forth prohibited conduct; required conduct; required testing; testing procedures; and information concerning administration, employee training, and confidentiality.

Employees subject to this policy shall receive a copy of this policy and the administrative procedures. In addition, employees subject to this policy will receive training regarding the District's policies and procedures, as well as information pertaining to the effects of controlled substance use and alcohol misuse on a person's health, work, and personal life and the symptoms of such use.

Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Liaison

The position of Risk Manager has been designated by the District as the liaison to answer any questions regarding the requirements of this controlled substance and alcohol testing policy. The liaison can be reached at the Risk Management office located in the Education Center.

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GBEB-1, Drug-Free Workplace
GDPD, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members
Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Administrative Procedures

End of File:  EEAEAA