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File: EF-R (pdf)
Issued:  prior to 1978  
Revised:  August 24, 2004


The centralized supervision of the food service program in the Boulder Valley Schools makes possible not only uniform planning and preparation of meals, but also the keeping of unified financial records, quantity purchasing, and the preparation of necessary reports in connection with the total operation of school food service programs.

The main responsibilities in the operation of the school food service programs are menu planning, supervision, buying and storing of food supplies and equipment, preparing and serving foods, providing sanitary safeguards, record keeping, and financial accounting.

Prices of meals to students and adults are determined by the Food Service Department with approval from Colorado Department of Education and Board of Education.  The food service program is operated as nearly as possible on a self-supporting basis, without the use of the general fund revenues except those necessary to provide adequate physical facilities.  Federal support through cash reimbursement and the allotment of commodities enable the food service programs to serve well-balanced meals at lower prices.

Free or reduced price meals are available for those students who qualify.  Application is made at the building level and approval is given by the designated person.

Regularly employed food service personnel, who work more than four hours, may also be provided free lunches; however, all lunchroom supervisors shall be required to pay the regular adult price for lunches.

Food Services Program

When food service is provided and reimbursement is requested, the Food Service Department enters into a written agreement with the Colorado Department of Education's Child Nutrition Unit.

The agreement between the Boulder Valley School District and the Colorado Department of Education is for an indefinite period and must be reactivated each year through submission of a renewal application.  Failure to comply with the regulations or the spirit and intent of the basic U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations will make the contract subject to review and possible cancellation after notice.

No payments can be made unless an approved application for the current school year is on file with the Colorado Department of Education's Child Nutrition Unit.

Nutritional Requirements

School foods served should meet the needs of the children of the District and the criteria established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for reimbursement under the National School Breakfast or National School Lunch Program or the Child Nutrition Act.


The reimbursable breakfast or lunch must be priced as a unit.  Prices indicated on the contract are a part of that contract, and are subject to change only upon agreement between the sponsor and the Colorado Department of Education’s Child Nutrition Unit.

Regulations for Lunch at School

Lunches may be charged at the elementary level only under extreme conditions and never for extended periods of time.  Free or reduced price meals will be provided for students who are approved at schools participating in the National School Breakfast or National School Lunch program.

Children are encouraged to eat foods that are different from those served at home, but lunchroom personnel will not insist.  Allergies are recognized as a valid reason for not eating certain foods.  Students who are lactose intolerant as determined by a certified physician will be provided with juice.

Students who bring a sack lunch to school may purchase a half-pint of milk at noon.

If school is operating an open campus, students may leave for the lunch period if so desired.

Supplemental Food Services

Only such foods and beverages shall be served as will substantially meet and be a part of the nutritional standards of the National School Breakfast and National School Lunch Program, or will carry out the intent and spirit of these acts.

Supplemental food and beverages that are not considered foods of minimal nutritional value (water ices, gum, hard candies or carbonated beverages) may be sold by the District's Food Services Department at the same time and place as school lunch and school breakfasts.

The income from the sale of supplemental food and beverage items must be deposited to the account of the school's nonprofit food service program and used for the purpose of the school's nonprofit food service program.

Competitive Food Sales

In those schools participating the National School Breakfast or National School Lunch program(s), competitive food service is any food or beverage service available to students that is separate and apart from the district’s nonprofit federally reimbursed food service program and is operated by school-approved organizations or by school-approved outside vendors.

Such competitive food service shall not operate in competition with the district’s food service program, and shall be closed for a period beginning one half hour prior to and remain closed until one half hour after the last scheduled school lunch and /or breakfast period on the campus where the school lunch and /or school breakfast is served.

In cooperation with, and upon the approval of the director of food services, the above restriction may be waived for the service of competitive, mechanically-vended beverages offered to students at the senior high level.

All schools participating in the National School Breakfast and National School Lunch programs must also comply with any federal rules or regulations regarding competitive food service or service of Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value, as defined by the USDA.


At least once during the year, the funds of the school food service program of the District shall be audited.  A copy of the audit shall be submitted to the Colorado Department of Education’s Child Nutrition Unit for filing.

Commodities - Records

Donated commodities received by the District shall be used and accounted for in accordance with federal regulations, and a record of those received and used should be expressed in dollar value based upon rates sent out by the Colorado Department of  Human Services.

These inventories shall be made a part of the District's permanent school food services records.  Upon demand, these records shall be available to personnel of the Colorado Department of Education’s Child Nutrition Unit for audit.

Inventories of commodities on hand are subject to inspection at any time by both the Colorado Department of Human Services personnel and the Colorado Department of Education’s Child Nutrition Unit.

The person, or persons, responsible for the inventories shall also be responsible for their security.

Use of Donated Commodities

Donated commodities received by school food authorities are to be used in feeding school children only.

Donated commodities are sent to each school food authority on the basis of the number of children participating in the lunch program; donations will be used to help schools serve nutritious reimbursable meals at a minimum cost to the students.

In no circumstances shall these foods be used in preparing public dinners for purposes of making money.  Donated commodities may be used only in the preparation of the school lunch and the school breakfast; they may not be used for any special affair.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.


Any profit derived from the operation of the school food services program shall be used to support the program, and for no other purpose.

Any profit accruing from the program shall be used to reduce the price of meals to the children, to improve the quality of the meals, to provide basic supplies, to replace equipment, and to make repairs to equipment.  All other expenses are the responsibility of the District.

In order to identify all expenses and receipts, a separate account shall be maintained for the school food services program.

School food service funds shall not be used to pay salaries or wages for dining room supervision.  School food service funds shall not be used to pay salaries or wages for the preparation and serving of public dinners.


Records must be kept in such a way as to substantiate the claims of the District and meet the requirements of the Colorado State Board of Education.


The food service staff in each school building, under the supervision of the kitchen manager and Director of Food Services, shall have the responsibility for the food preparation area, including the storage area, and for the serving and planning of meals in the school.  The dining area is the responsibility of the building principal, who shall also be responsible for the supervision and control of students using the dining area.

Health Standards

The food services operations in all school kitchens shall conform to Rules and Regulations Governing the Sanitation of Food Services Establishments in the State of Colorado adopted by the Colorado State Board of Health.

Physical Facilities

The District shall provide adequate physical facilities for both preparation and dining areas in accordance with health standards set by state and local departments of health.

End of File: EF-R