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The physical management of materials, supplies, and equipment — both instructional and noninstructional — falls in the area of business and support operations and thus shall be under the general supervision of the Executive Director of Business and Support Services.

Conscientious efforts shall be made in the management of resources to achieve efficiency and economy through centralized and bulk purchasing, whenever this is consistent with available storage and distribution facilities. Good management also requires that supplies, materials, equipment, and spare parts are readily available when and where needed, but that space not be used for storing unnecessary inventory.

In his supervision of the material resources of the District, the Executive Director of Business and Support Services shall establish such regulations as are necessary for the control of these resources on a District-wide or school basis. Controls shall include a continuous inventory list of equipment, maintenance records for major items, and records of materials and equipment that are assigned to students or staff members for personal use.

Current practice codified 1978

ED subcodes (all relate to resources management)

NOTE: Specific day-to-day management and control of instructional materials is the responsibility of the District Instructional Materials Center.

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