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File:  EBE (pdf)
Adopted:   March 23, 1989

Associated Regulations: EBE-R1, EBE-R2


The Board of Education recognizes that some operations and maintenance activities may involve potential exposures of employees to airborne contaminants. To the extent feasible, exposures shall be minimized or eliminated through the use of appropriate work practice and engineering controls. For some maintenance and repair activities, however, feasible engineering and work practice controls may not be sufficient to reduce exposures to or below acceptable limits. In those instances, respiratory protection shall be used.

The effectiveness of respiratory protection in reducing exposures to or below acceptable limits depends upon the proper selection, use, and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment. To protect the safety and health of District employees using respiratory protective equipment, a respiratory protection program shall be instituted. The program shall include written standard operating procedures for respirator selection, respirator fit testing, employee training, medical examinations, recordkeeping, and the cleaning, inspection, and storage of respirators.

The Assistant Superintendent for Operations shall designate a Program Administrator to manage all elements of the respiratory protection program. The Program Administrator shall have the responsibility and authority to enforce the provisions of the respiratory protection program, to supervise all employees requiring respiratory protection, and to implement program modifications and changes necessary to protect employee safety and health and to comply with federal and state regulations. At least annually, the Program Administrator shall evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

All Boulder Valley School District employees who use respiratory protective equipment will be instructed in and are required to become familiar with the provisions of the respiratory protection program. Any employee not complying with the requirements of the program may be subject to disciplinary action. Repeated violations of program requirements shall be cause for dismissal.

EBD, Asbestos in the Schools

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