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File:  EBE-R1 (pdf)
Adopted:   March 23, 1989


Respirator Selection

The District shall provide respirators that are applicable and suitable for the purpose intended. The Program Administrator will select the proper respirator based upon a determination of the nature of the air contaminant and concentration in the workplace. Only respirators approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration or the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health shall be provided. All employees required to wear respirators shall be trained by the Program Administrator on all facets of proper respiratory usage. All training records shall be kept for one year following the last date of employment.

Respirator Fit Testing

For a respirator to provide maximum protection to the wearer, there must be a proper match between the respirator face piece and the wearer's face. Every respirator wearer shall receive fitting instructions, including demonstrations and practice in wearing, adjusting, and fitting the respirator properly. The respirator shall not be worn when conditions such as the growth of a beard, sideburns, or temple pieces on glasses prevent a good face seal. Qualitative or quantitative fit testing using recognized procedures shall be performed to assure the proper fit of negative pressure respirators.

Medical Examinations

Medical examinations and annual checkups shall be provided for those employees who are required to wear a negative pressure respirator or who work regularly in areas where concentrations of air contaminants exceed permissible levels. The District shall obtain a written opinion from the examining physician stating whether the employee has any detectable medical conditions that would place the employee at an increased risk of material health impairment from exposure to air contaminants. The opinions will include any recommended limitations on the employee or on the use of personal protective equipment such as respirators. Medical records shall be retained for the duration of
employment plus 30 years.

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Storage

The respirators shall be cleaned, disinfected, and inspected after each day's use.

Respirators shall be stored so that they are protected from dust, sunlight, extreme heat replacement of parts shall be performed only by the manufacturer or by someone trained by the manufacturer.

The District shall provide and maintain an adequate supply of canisters or cartridges for air purifying respirators. In the event supplied-air respirators are required, the Program Administrator shall ensure that compressed air, compressed oxygen, liquid air, and liquid oxygen used for respiration shall be of high purity.

Emergency Procedures

Employees shall be trained in appropriate procedures to be followed in the event of emergencies requiring the use of respiratory protection.

In areas where a respirator wearer, with the failure of the respirator, could be overcome by a toxic or oxygen-deficient atmosphere, at least one additional person shall be present. Procedures for ensuring maintenance of communication and proper rescue equipment shall be instituted.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard Z88.2 (1980)

End of File:  EBE-R1