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File:   EB (pdf)
Adopted:  June 24, 1993

Associated Regulation: EB-R  


It is the policy of Boulder Valley Public Schools to take all reasonable and necessary action, consistent with its financial resources, to provide for the safety of its students, the public, and its employees.  The Superintendent, or designee, shall have overall responsibility for the safety program of the District.  

The Board of Education requires that the District's administration, staff, teachers, employees, and volunteers adhere to recommended safety practices pertaining to school buildings, instruction, transportation, athletics, occupational safety, etc.  The subject and practice of safety shall also be a part of the District's curriculum. Instruction in accident prevention, fire prevention, emergency procedures, traffic, bicycle, and pedestrian safety shall be provided in the appropriate grades and classes.  Each building principal shall be responsible for the supervision of a safety program for his or her school.  

In no event shall the District, its employees, or volunteers engage in any conduct which would indicate that any loss of life or personal injury to anyone is acceptable.  

The Board of Education realizes, however, that despite an emphasis on safety, there is a probability that accidents and other events resulting in personal injury and property damage will occur.  

Therefore, Boulder Valley Public Schools shall be protected against liability and/or accidental loss which, in the aggregate during any financial period, would significantly affect the assets and resources of the District or its ability to continue to fulfill its responsibilities to the taxpayers and public.  

Boulder Valley Public Schools will utilize the Risk Management Process to assess risks and/or potential accidental loss.  This process includes the systematic and continuous identification of loss exposures. The analysis of these exposures will focus on the frequency, severity, and probability of the occurrence of loss.  Through the application of sound risk control procedures, the District will fulfill its duty to finance the risk consistent with its financial resources.  

The Risk Management Office will establish all reasonable and necessary procedures to implement the intent of the Board of Education in adopting this policy.  

Current practice codified 1978

C.R.S. 8-11-105; C.R.S. 8-11-106 (safety inspections)
C.R.S. 9-1-101-106 (construction requirements, fire escapes, etc.)  
C.R.S. 22-3-101-104 (eye-protective devices)
C.R.S. 22-32-109(l)(w); C.R.S. 22-32-110(l)(k)
C.R.S. 28-2-401-405 (evacuations of school buildings)  

End of File:  EB