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File: EB-R (pdf)
Adopted:  June 24, 1993   


Safety and the management of risk is a cooperative effort which requires the attention and action on the part of all personnel. The District's Safety Rules and Regulations Manual shall be used as a guide for all procedures.

The following are the lines of authority and the responsibility in the areas of Risk Management and safety; however, they should not be considered as an exhaustive listing of all duties and responsibilities regarding safety.

The Superintendent is responsible for safety throughout the School District. The Deputy Superintendent has the authority to act on behalf of the Superintendent. The Risk Manager, as designee for the Superintendent, shall provide assistance to building principals regarding safety and risk management. The building principal has the responsibility and authority to carry out all safety requirements in his or her building and on the grounds.

The Departments of Maintenance and Operations will work cooperatively with the Risk Manager to inspect and record any deficiencies or irregularities, to report them to the principal involved, and to report them to the Superintendent. All reasonable effort shall be made by the Risk Manager to ensure that these deficiencies are corrected at the earliest practical time and that a follow-up report is made to the Superintendent, or designee, regarding any delays in accomplishing the safety requirement.

The Risk Manager has the specific responsibility to implement the safety program in cooperation with all other school personnel. Further, the Risk Manager is responsible for having inspections completed, and for completing reports and follow-up recommendations to the Superintendent, or designee, as required.

To ensure adequate safety provisions, the Superintendent may, at any time, call in representative(s) of appropriate governmental agencies to assist in determining appropriate safety measures.

NOTE: The Boulder Valley Schools Safety Rules and Regulations Manual may be requisitioned from warehouse stock.

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