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File:  EEAC (pdf)
Adopted:  prior to 1969
Revised: date of manual adoption


Legal standards governing student transportation, as well as local policies and regulations, shall be strictly observed. Drivers shall meet or exceed all qualifications and responsibilities set forth in these laws, policies, and regulations.

In accordance with state statutes, all bus drivers will be held responsible for a thorough knowledge of the regulations regarding student transportation and highway traffic procedures of the State of Colorado.

To make sure that students know what to do in emergencies, bus evacuation drills shall be held at least twice a year on all school bus routes. The building principal shall be responsible for overseeing these drills for all buses serving his school.

C.R.S. 42-4-613

NOTE: The Transportation Department issues detailed procedures for the conduct of emergency evacuation drills. These procedures are made available to bus drivers and all other personnel involved in such drills.

End of File:  EEAC