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File:  EEAB (pdf)
Adopted:  prior to 1969
Revised: date of manual adoption


The Board of Education shall approve a set of regulations that will serve as a guide in planning regular bus routes (those which follow city, county, state, or federally built and maintained roads), as well as in setting the length of the routes, the maximum time children will be on school buses, and the distance which various grade levels of children will be required to live from school in order to qualify for transportation.

Routes will not be established on any city, county, state, or federally built and maintained road if the Board of Education rules that the road is too hazardous for the safety of pupils. In no circumstances will a bus enter upon private property in order to pick up or discharge pupils. Regular stops will be established on each route no closer together than 800 feet or two blocks, whichever is practicable.

Students to be transported will be notified through their respective schools of the routes, stops, and departure times of their particular school buses.

End of File:  EEAB