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File:   EEBA-R (pdf)
Adopted:  prior to 1978


Use of Warehouse Vehicles

The following procedure will be followed for permitting various school groups to use warehouse vehicles for school-sponsored activities, such as moving band instruments, etc.:

  1. Vehicles will be available to school groups before or after regular working hours on workdays and on weekends.
  2. School District delivery trucks will be available for use on a first-come, first-served basis by meeting the following criteria:

    a.  Delivery vehicles must be driven by trained school delivery personnel employed by the Warehouse Department.

    b.  Requests, in writing and indicating the account number to be charged for use of said vehicles, must be received in the warehouse office not later than one week prior to the scheduled trip.

    c.  The driver will be responsible for the vehicle only — not its contents.

    d.  The school will be charged for driver and vehicle costs related to the sponsored trip.
  3. The business office reserves the right to reject requests for use of delivery vehicles, but in such case shall state in writing the reasons for the rejection of the request.

End of File:  EEBA-R