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File:  EEAD (pdf)
Adopted: prior to 1969
Revised: date of manual adoption



Although the regular transportation of students to and from school shall always be given first priority, school buses may also be used to take students to and from school sponsored activities and to transport them in emergencies, whether or not these activities and emergencies take place within or without the District and whether or not they occur during school hours.

In no event shall transportation be furnished to persons other than students enrolled in the District schools and employees or representatives of the District, except in special cases as approved by the Director of Plant and Auxiliary Services. Any group requesting transportation must, in the judgment of the transportation manager, be large enough to warrant the use of a school bus.

Driving regulations, safety rules, and insurance coverages shall be the same for special uses as for regular student transportation to and from school. Regular bus drivers shall, whenever possible, be given priority in assignments.

Transportation for Special Programs

The transportation manager shall work with the appropriate school administrators to establish regulations governing transportation for special District programs. The transportation of students to and from school shall always be regarded as most important. Some special programs are funded by the state or by federal agencies, and transportation can be provided for these programs only because the District is reimbursed for the costs. If such reimbursements are not available, the Board is not obligated to provide transportation for these programs.

EEADA, Use of School Buses by Community Groups
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