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File: ECAB-R (pdf) 
Adopted: date of manual adoption   
Revised: February 11, 2004


Restitution for Damages

The restitution program, administered by the Division of Business & Financial Services, will seek restitution for loss and damage sustained by the District because of malicious mischief, vandalism, burglary, and other wrongful acts by adults or juveniles.

Adults who are apprehended will be held responsible for payment for loss or damage.  Parents or guardians of juveniles under the age of 18 are responsible for vandalism loss and damage caused by their children.  Legal procedures may be instituted if the Superintendent so recommends.

After the Division of Business & Financial Services has been notified of loss of, or damage to, District property, an investigation will be done.  Cost estimates for replacing stolen equipment are obtained from the appropriate office at the Education Center.  This will apply to any item, from office equipment to classroom materials.

When a juvenile is involved, the school administrator will contact the parents at the conclusion of the investigation and apprise them of their legal responsibility as well as the amount of loss or damage sustained by the district.  A routine procedure will be followed for any necessary follow-up to secure restitution from the responsible party.

Restitution payments will be made by juveniles or their parents in accordance with court restitution structure or directly the Division of Business & Financial Services. Students of legal age shall be held responsible for their own payments.  If necessary, provisions may be made for payment in several installments.  Accounts not paid in full within a specified time will be processed for legal action.

Moneys received at a school from a student or a parent in restitution for loss or damage will be forwarded to the Division of Business & Financial Services to ensure proper credit. 

C.R.S. § 13-21-107 (damages for destruction or bodily injury caused by minors)                         
C.R.S. § 18-9-113 (desecration of venerated objects)                                                                        C.R.S. § 18-9-117  (unlawful conduct on public property) 

ECA, Building and Grounds Security                                                                            
JGD/JGE, Student Suspension/Expulsion

End of File: ECAB-R