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File:  EEAA (pdf)
Revised:  August 23, 1979; April 24, 2007


Measurements for determining a student's eligibility for District transportation shall be made along the shortest normal and safe walking route from home to school.  Distance shall be computed from the point on the public street where the main entrance or entrances to school occur(s) and shall terminate at the property line of owned or rented property which is closest to school on the route traveled.  The following criteria are established for student walking distance:

Elementary (K- 5)        - one and one-half miles
Middle school (6-8)     - two miles
High Schools               - two and one-half miles

Measurements shall be made using standard measuring equipment utilized by the Transportation Department.  To maintain consistency of service, the Transportation Department may apply a variance of up to 50 feet to compensate for measurement inaccuracies.  Such variance will be applied to provide bus service to students who reside on or near the walk distance boundary.  

In the event a student would be exposed to safety hazards beyond those experienced by other district students of similar age walking under similar circumstances, an exception to the above distances may be made.  Exceptions due to hazardous walking conditions are determined by the Transportation Department.

Even though a student may be eligible for transportation, elementary school pupils may be required to walk up to one and one-half miles, middle school students up to two miles, and senior high school students up to two and one-half miles to a regularly established route or to public transportation.  Students may be required to walk a greater distance if necessary to reach the closest public passageway suitable for use as an established bus route.  In the event that school authorities rule that public transportation is to be used, any reimbursement for use of public transportation will be negotiated by the District.  

A parent or guardian may appeal the application of this policy to their child.  The appeal process is initiated by submitting a written appeal to the District’s Director of Transportation.  The Director of Transportation shall issue a decision to the written appeal within ten (10) school days.  If the parent or guardian is dissatisfied with the Director of Transportation’s decision, he or she may submit a written appeal to the Superintendent within ten (10) school days.  The Superintendent (or designee) shall issue a decision within ten (10) school days.   

If the parent or guardian is dissatisfied with the decision of the Superintendent, he or she may submit a written appeal to the Board of Education within ten (10) days of the Superintendent’s decision.  Such appeal shall be addressed to the Secretary of the Board and the Superintendent.  The Board shall have the discretion to accept or reject the matter for review.  If the Board rejects the matter, the Superintendent’s decision shall be final.  If it accepts the matter, the Board shall schedule a meeting at which it will consider the appeal.  The Board shall render a decision within ten (10) school days after the meeting unless additional time is needed. The Board’s decision shall be final.

End of File: EEAA