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File: EHCA (pdf)
Adopted: August 24, 2004

Associated Regulation: EHCA-R


The Board of Education offers Internet and computer technology services to create a communication system, useful to students, employees, parents, community members and others interested in educational activities.  The Board recognizes the limitless potential for research, information exchange, communication, and collaboration provided by the Internet.  The goal of the district’s Internet site and online services is to create a communication system that is useful to everyone while advancing educational excellence in the district by facilitating marketing and communication; curriculum and assessment services; online resources; resource sharing; administrative and support services; board information and policies; and innovation.

The Board of Education, subject to the terms and limitations of this policy and its associated regulations, authorizes and encourages the creation of school and District Web pages for publication on the Internet.  For the purpose of these documents, the Web and the World Wide Web shall be considered as the same and shall be referred to as the Web; the Web site, all school Web sites and all District Web sites shall be considered as the same and shall be referred to as BVSDWeb.

All schools and district departments shall have the opportunity to create content for pages dedicated to the educational mission and activities of the school or department and the district.  All uses of BVSDWeb and other online content and services shall be in support of education and research consistent with the district’s educational objectives.

Although there are considerable advantages to publishing on the Web, there are associated risks including liability, legal and safety issues that must be considered.  Because of the fluid and interrelated nature of the Web, anyone following a path of links can reach virtually any site on the Web. Although the district utilizes filtering technology to restrict access to objectionable material, the district shall not be responsible for material found on remote sites reached by following links after the primary link provided from BVSDWeb. All BVSDWeb content shall be consistent with state and federal statutes and district policy.  Copyright law shall be respected at all times.  Any disclosure of personally identifiable information must be done in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and its interpretive regulations.  The design of BVSDWeb shall include reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities.

Web pages representing Boulder Valley School District are defined as pages designed and published by staff, students, or volunteers that relate to curriculum, instruction, general information, and activities of the district or individual schools.  Such Web pages must be published on district-owned and -operated servers unless specifically authorized in writing by the Chief Information Officer on the authority of the Superintendent.  The district reserves the right to remove pages or links from any district site based upon its determination of inappropriate content. Only Web pages directly affiliated with the district and its academic and administrative functions will be published on district servers.

Web publications developed under contract for the District or developed within the scope of employment by district employees or otherwise published on BVSDWeb are the property of Boulder Valley School District.  All Web publications will comply with the Boulder Valley School District Acceptable Use Guidelines and such other policies and regulations that may be adopted from time to time.  

The district has registered its domain names for the purpose of exclusive Internet identification.  The district asserts copyright and/or other intellectual property rights in its domain name, district identification, district logo, and all content of BVSDWeb.  All rights are reserved.  Outside parties, including parents, patrons, or outside organizations may not use district and/or school domain names in connection with the publication of Web content.  Under no circumstance shall any party use district and/or school domain names to promote political issues, causes, or candidates.  Community members, volunteers, and other outside organizations with whom Boulder Valley School District has agreed to allow access to computer technology on district property are obliged to follow district policy.

In addition to the above, district Internet or online services may include automated links to third-party for-profit content if such links are necessary to allow users to download software, provide educational research information, or are necessary for administrative or instructional purposes.

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Copyright Laws

EGAAA, Duplication of Copyrighted Material
EGAEA, Electronic Communications
GBEE, Staff Use of District Technology
IGDA, Student Organizations
IIAA, Learning Materials Selection and Adoption
JF-R, Student Rights and Responsibilities
JFC, Student Conduct
JS, Student Use of District Technology

End of File:  EHCA