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File: FEA (pdf)
Adopted:   June 14, 1979


General Specifications

General specifications for school building construction shall be developed and approved
by the Board of Education to serve as guidelines for major remodeling, building additions, and new building construction. The specifications will include descriptions of
educational program requirements stated as parameters within which all elementary and secondary instructional spaces shall be designed.

Specific Specifications

Comprehensive educational specifications will be developed within the parameters of the District's general specifications for each major remodeling project, building addition, or new building. These specifications will be developed with the assistance of the
professional staff, keeping in mind the specified program needs of the students served.

These specifications will include:

  1. Plan of school organization and estimated enrollment for the proposed construction.
  2. Description of the students to be served.
  3. Description of the proposed curriculum and the teaching methods and techniques to be employed.
  4. Schedule of space relationships.
  5. Relationships of special areas and major equipment needed for each area.

Upon Board consideration and approval, these specifications will be the basis for final
architectural planning and design.

NOTE: Educational specifications guidelines are found in the Boulder Valley School District's educational programs, published by the District and available from the central

End of File: FEA