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File:  FF-R (pdf)
Adopted: date of manual adoption
Revised: October 9, 2001, January 10, 2017, August 22, 2017


Naming of Facility Procedures

The following process shall be followed for the (1) naming of a new building or a newly created school, (2) naming of an area of a building, (3) renaming a school, (4) naming a facility or an area of a facility recognizing individuals providing some economic benefit in exchange for a naming opportunity.

  1. The school principal must first contact the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary or Elementary Education to review their request to name a facility.  The school must receive the Superintendent’s approval before beginning the process.
  2. Once approval is granted, the principal shall form a screening committee that will make recommendations to the Superintendent.
  3. The screening committee membership shall include a diverse representation from the community, school staff and student population.  
  4. The current school community or the new school community within the boundaries of the new facility is invited to participate by submitting names to the screening committee on a standard form, following specific guidelines that meet Board Policy.  Information should include the background and reason for the name submitted.  An announcement shall be sent to the schools local newspaper, announcing the naming of the facility, and the process for submitting input.
  5. Once input is collected, the screening committee shall review all suggestions and forward their recommendations to the Superintendent.  Information submitted to the Superintendent shall include biographical and historical background and the reasons justifying the proposed names.
  6. The Superintendent will then forward the recommendation to the Board of Education. 

Lobby Plaques

The plaque shall be of maximum size 18" x 26" or the equivalent area, and will contain the following information: 

Boulder Valley School District

With deep appreciation to the community of Boulder Valley School District, this building is
dedicated to the students and staff of [insert name of school].

[Year construction completed]

End of File: FF-R