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File:  FEE (pdf)
Adopted:  prior to 1969
Revised: March 10, 2009


The Board of Education will discharge its legal responsibility to acquire necessary school sites by the following method:  

  1. It shall require periodic reports from the Superintendent as to current and future needs for elementary schools, middle schools, K-8 schools, senior high schools, and for such other facilities as appear to be necessary.  
  2. It shall consult, through the Superintendent, with other public agencies whose activities bear on education or community development.  
  3. Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, it shall establish a priority calendar for the acquisition of the various sites needed.
  4. It may require appraisal reports of the value of the property based upon comparable sales in the area, including recommendations as to necessary Board action.  
  5. It shall authorize options to be taken on priorities, based upon the appraisal reports and the recommendations of the Superintendent.
  6. It may take further action as necessary to institute eminent domain proceedings to effect the satisfactory acquisition of property for school purposes.  Such action will be taken only after reasonable negotiations fail.

In acquiring school sites, the site should meet the appropriate specifications as determined by the school district.

Acquiring Property by Dedication

Property acquired by the Boulder Valley School District RE2 as the result of dedication requirements of the various governmental bodies within the District shall meet the following standards:

  1. Conveyance to the District shall be by general warranty deed.  
  2. Title to the property shall be shown by an ownership and encumbrance report prepared by an abstract or title company having an office within the District, at the expense of the grantor of the dedicated property.
  3. The property dedicated and conveyed to the District shall be in fee simple and not subject to any reversions, possibilities of reverter, conditions subsequent, or any other condition that might prevent fee simple title from vesting in the District.  
  4. The property dedicated and conveyed to the District shall be shown by a survey plat of the property and a subdivision plat, if applicable, showing the location of the dedicated property.
  5. The dedicated property upon conveyance shall be free of all liens, encumbrances, encroachments, easements, rights-of-way, except those easements and rights-of-way granted for utility purposes. Title to dedicated property shall not be subject to reservations unless approved in advance by the attorney for the Boulder Valley School District.
  6. The dedicated property shall not be subject to any condition of usage, but shall be unrestricted in its present or future use by the District.  
  7. Utilities made available to the site at developers’ expense.
  8. District is not responsible for infrastructure (water, sewer, road) surrounding the site.
  9. Site is graded for positive drainage.
  10. Street frontage will be sufficient for two points of entry.

C.R.S. § 22-32-124 (Building Codes-zoning-planning-fees-rules-definitions)

End of File: FEE